Soldier Returns Home to Build the Web

It has been a bomb-filled, lonely, rollercoaster of death for the past year, but in January, SGT Steven Williams will return to his normal life. He will try to forget his past year as he picks up from where he left off starting a web development business, Sprocket Web Design.
At 26 years old, Williams has spent time in the West Virginia National Guard, returned back to the state of his birth, Washington State, and returned to West Virginia, only to be shipped off to Baghdad, Iraq. Now he has a more focused plan, and is ready to deliver what he has learned to West Virginia’s Small Business.

His website, SprocketWD, is already being filled with guidance that allows businesses to make the most of their websites. His prices are balanced, fair, and most importantly affordable. Sprocket Web Design offers quick turn-around of a quality product, and due to the techniques and software used, the customer can maintain or update their website as easily as sending an email.

“I plan to do everything I can to benefit West Virginian Businesses and Entrepreneurs and help them survive these tough economical times.” Williams enthusiastically states. As a freelance Joomla developer, there is little overhead, and so Williams is able to keep costs low, while still providing a well-developed and thought out system to automate businesses and their needs.

Services include web development, template development, and consultation. The consultation is free when asked as part of a purchased solution. There are also free articles with new ideas that will revolutionize the way businesses use their sites, including a 3-part article on “Making the Most of Your Blog”, which looks into different strategies for maximizing the effect of your business blog and why a blog for your business is important.

For more information on Sprocket Web Design and what Steven Williams is working on now, visit SprocketWD.